Issue        August, 2019


Seeing the Rwanda Genocide through the Eyes of Children

The (Ir)rational: Post-WWI Art
Remembering 9/11 Through Art

Editor's  Note

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Remembering the Holocaust
The Hidden Lives of Our Heroes
The Dark Side of the City of Lights
Art that Feeds the Homeless
Art as Social Activism - Keith Haring
Worldwide Street Art Campaign for Education Equality in Iran
Art in Politics

In its essence, art is a language through which artists construct the worlds of their experience. Art does not merely physically mimic an experience, but brings the audience into the artist’s psychological world. This is why fine art is an irreplaceable medium of communication and documentation when it comes to trauma, as the work reveals the true face of an event from within an artist’s mind. This month’s issue examines works that remain as captured fragments of atrocities and tragedies, and questions how these pieces may bring to surface what photographic, numerical, and written documentation have missed.

An Ocean of Pollution-Mandy Barker