Issue     August, 2020

Native American Fashion - What You Didn't Know
Native American Fashion - What You Didn't Know
Horace Poolaw Depicts Life for the Kiowa Tribe in the Twentieth Century
Historical Artworks Depicting American Indian Wars

Editor's Note

Native Americans belong to hundreds of nations with different linguistic, social, cultural, and economic traits. Their communities are often identified through stereotypes and Pan-Indian imagery, which defeats the idea that each nation is different, and fails to communicate an accurate, appropriate, or respectful image of a tribe. The artists in this month’s issue research and work on finding appropriate imagery to represent Native Americans. Their artwork and projects breaks the stereotypical Indigenous patterns. They stress visual sovereignty as a way of reflecting a tribal nation’s distinction and uniqueness.

Bethany Yellowtail: A blend of Native American fashion with contemporary culture
National Gallery Purchased First Ever Painting By Native American Artist
Native Women Artists - A breakthrough exhibition
Chevy El Camino.jpg
The Celebration of Native American Female Artists