Issue     October, 2019

  Capturing Mother  
 Daniel Beltrá  
Using Mother nature as a  
Sean & Gabe Yoro
Editor's Note

The destruction of the environment is a mounting humanitarian crisis. Are we saving the environment for its sake? Maybe in part, but in the end, it comes down to how the deterioration of the environment will impact humanity. Experts predict a refugee influx from coastal areas, larger and larger natural-disasters, and international food shortages. The dying environment is a silent wave that is rising, but so many of us refuse to admit its existence. The artists featured in our newest issue are not just speaking for the oceans, woods, wildlife and sky, but for humanity, trying to lift the veil of blissful ignorance and give a glimpse into the consequences of our idleness. 

 Pandas on a 
Artist  intallation 
 depict the
 climate change take over
 -Freedom Baird
 to Grow
 The Great 
-Alexis Rockman 
 Special Coral Reef
Vanessa Barragão’s
Waste land
E-Waste into Art
Benjamin Von Wong
Art in Hong Kong's 
 Pro-Democracy Movement