Issue     October, 2020

Brutal Honesty by White Deer
Brutal Honesty by White Deer
Artist Indu Harikumar Warns Women of Online Abuse
Marcel Toledo brings beauty from the scars of gender-based and domestic violence

Editor's Note

Abuse is a violent reality that unfortunately spans across gender, ethnicity, race and time. It is one of the most common and covert issues of modern society. Regardless of what type of abuse, it always leaves deep, lasting scars both physically and emotionally. The artists highlighted in this month’s issue combines their art practice with a commitment to understanding the issues surrounding abuse. They create art that makes us stop and think - and join the conversation.

Alexander McQueen: The Dark Life Behind The Luxury Label
"Confess": an Art Exhibition Reflects on Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Churches
Giving a voice to those who need it most
Giving a voice to those who need it most