A Voice for Those with No Voice - Bissane Al Charif

Bissane Al Charif's Sketches and Paintings

Artist Profile

  • Bissane Al Charif was born in Paris, France in 1977, but she spent much of her early years in Syria raised by her Palestinian parents.

  • Al Charif is an artist and scenographer; she designs large scale events, exhibitions, movie sets, theatre shows, and artistic installations.

  • Her personal works largely revolve around the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Al Charif's Syrian roots unmistakably allow her to empathize with migrants struggling to escape the war-torn country.

Sham - A War-Torn City Through The Eyes of Children

The project wants to question the city(Damascus), its image and its future, the city as a space fabricated by the imagination and as a space that creates, molds and constraints the imagination at the same time, the individual and the collective imagination at once. For this, I will search the city, that one called « Sham » from the view of children, from the view of its children.

Memoires Des Femmes ~ The Memories of Women

From 2014 to 2015, Bissane Al Charif orchestrated an artistic installation called Women Memories. Al Charif interviewed eight women, asking about their previous lives in Syria, the people they have left, and their journey of fleeing the country. Using this information, Al Charif fabricated photographs, sound installations, and videos to narrate a story of agony and loss; ultimately, giving a voice to those with none.

“I just wanted to put these women there, one after the other [...] we all left. This is what we’ve lived through when we did.” ~ Bissane Al Charif

The Syrian Refugee Crisis continues to capture most of the media's attention to this day. Despite desperation and tremendous pressure, countries sought out by these mass migrant groups have strict limits on the numbers they are able to take in because of their economy, resources, and safety of citizens. Sympathy is often repressed under these circumstances; however, with the help of outspoken individuals like Bissane Al Charif, the whole world will gradually develop a strong sense of humanity: a key ingredient needed for the promotion of support and aid.






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