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Art Plays a Role in Community Outreach For Impoverished Individuals

Art is a medium of voice, and oftentimes, articulates a certain message. It also works to bring people together, or give them a form of self-expression. Art pieces and cultural projects, therefore, are sometimes imperative in spreading awareness of topics such as poverty and poor communities.

Art leaves a substantial impact on many in our communities. Sometimes, art acts to transform an individual’s mentality. To many who are in poverty, their art could be their escape. In fact, there are many organizations working with the goal to aid those living in poverty, through art.

Free Arts NYC has given an artistic education to about 30,000 children living in poverty throughout New York City. According to their website, their official mission is to “[empower] underserved youth through arts and mentoring programs to develop their creativity, confidence, and stills to succeed.”

Image (above) from Bloomberg Free Arts Day

Furthermore, there are several organizations centered on art similarly attempting to help alleviate poverty. Art Sprouts, located in Kafue, Zambia, provides both before and after school programs for children. Recognizing that impoverished kids often lack subjects such as art, it provides an outlet for them to discover artistic abilities.

Artolution, founded by Max Freider and Joel Bergner, wants to change lives by creating and displaying art. This organization focuses mainly on community-based art, as they believe that it can provide healing.

There is also ASTEP, Global Art Project, and Adding Color to Lives, all working for a common goal. Some might provide children a safe space through which they can experience art, or bring their large-scale projects to youth.

These are perfect examples of how art has a role on a much bigger scale than many anticipate. Programs like these integrate art in helping the battle to alleviate poverty.

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