• Carla Vreeland

Art Therapy Helps Children Cope With Divorce

Divorce is not only difficult during the process of litigation, but is likely to also have lingering effects on the whole family.

For young children especially, it is difficult to describe their complex feelings, so creating artwork can help better express themselves to their families.

Divorce Resolutions LLC has built a space for children to send in their artwork that is based on how they feel about divorces.

Artwork in the Kid's Divorce Art Gallery

“Encouraging children to paint or draw about their parents’ divorce or separation validates their experience or emotions,” said a Divorce Resolutions LLC representative. “Such art acknowledges the impact of divorce on their life or that of their family.”

Modern Family Law also expresses that in terms of either court-mandated therapy or otherwise, art therapy can be very effective in helping children cope and understand divorce.

“They learn by interacting with their environments and processing their experiences from those interactions through outlets such as art,” said Modern Family Law. “Drawings may also provide a means by which a child’s parent can connect in a healthy and encouraging way.”

Discussing their children’s artwork has the potential to begin a natural dialogue between a parent and a child. Those connections are important to maintain and strengthen in times of difficulty so that both parties feel heard and become more understanding of one another.

Not only is creating art a mechanism for children to express their emotions, but it also has been found to relieve stress.

Regardless of the age of the artist, creating and sharing art builds deep connections and aids communication during and after divorces.

According to art therapist Sue Wallingford, “art-making is an alternative that allows for the poignant communication of feelings.”




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