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Artists Support #BLM By Paying Tribute to George Floyd

Americans demand for justice as protestors crowded streets all over the U.S. to advocate that Black Lives Matter. People gather in big cities such as New York and in small towns to support this cause in their own ways. The tragedy of George Floyd's death was the spark that lit the fire to this explosive movement, circulating through all social networks so that more and more people got involved.

George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man was caught by the police after he was suspected of using a counterfeit $20 to buy cigarettes. To restrain Floyd, white police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd neck for almost nine minutes, while Floyd was telling Chauvin "I can't breathe." Passing witnesses were unable to help due to two other police officers. When Floyd was found dead, his tragedy became the tipping point of the iceberg, reigniting more than ever the fire in people, recalling of the years spent on protesting about police brutality and racism, yet still events like George Floyd's death occurred. This was an awakening, showing people that despite the efforts before, things have yet to be changed for the better, sending a final signal that enough was enough.

(Image of George Floyd [left] and Derek Chauvin [right])

Playing such a huge role in the Black Lives Matter movement, people shared George Floyd story throughout medias. Artists who wanted to contribute drew pictures in different styles with different mediums to aid the spread the news of the event.

(Painting by @madsteez on instagram)

Expressing this same message in their own ways, artists used hashtag #BLM to influence others to put an end to racism and police brutality. Due to Floyd's fate and his representation as a rallying cry, artists sometimes glorify Floyd in their way of portraying him.

(Art by @hiba-schahbaz)

The image above demonstrates an artist's take on Floyd, giving insight to how the artist viewed him. Looking at the image, it almost seemed as if Floyd is shown as a saint by way the artist placed golden foil in a circular shape behind Floyd's head, giving him a saintly look. Viewers can be convinced by this piece the innocence of Floyd by observing the soft expression and slight smile displayed plainly on his face.

Artwork like this gives people reasons to contribute in the Black Lives Matter movement, for illustrating Floyd in such a benevolent light makes it more justified to save more honorable lives like Floyd. Artist gives the Black Lives Matters movement more exposure by using their skills and platform. People's appreciation for art enabled them to know about the movement, allowing more people to participate.





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