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#BirthdayForBrenna: A Campaign to Remember and Honor

By: Elizabeth Ji and Sofia Ung

Cate Young, a film and culture critic in the black community, has taken her steps in participating in the movement. With a decent sized following on instagram, she critiques films and writes about them on her website. Via instagram, she promotes many local black businesses such as embroidery and arts kits. Being a BU and USC graduate, Cate has found a passion in spreading awareness and positivity to her peers, community and family. 

On Friday, June 5, 2020, Breonna Taylor would have turned 27. During a nighttime drug investigation in Louisville, KY, three officers barged into Taylor's apartment, using a no-knock search warrant, which allows police officers to enter without warning. Taylor's boyfriend, thinking someone was breaking into the apartment, shot an officer in the leg. As a result, the police ended up shooting Taylor at least eight times.

In the following weeks after Taylor's death, her case did not receive much news media or political attention, demonstrating a longstanding pattern that police brutality against black women is invisible.

“I had just been following the story about police brutality and about George Floyd, and her name stopped coming up,” Young said. “I was really frustrated to see her be erased in real time.”

Mural of Breonna Taylor at the intersection of Seventh Street and Magnolia Avenue in Louisville, KY.

Photo taken by: Erik Branch.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Young was not able to participate in the protests against police brutality. So she decided to take action online. Young states, “I just wanted to do something. I was like, I’m going to drive myself insane with worry and panic if I don’t do something.” We should be showing up for black women “in the same way that we show up for black men,” she added.

Artist: Ariel Sinha and Jill Cartwright

#BirthdayForBreonna is a campaign created by Cate Young. The campaign recognizes June 5, 2020 as a day of action to bring justice for Breonna Taylor, who murdered by police in Louisville, KY. Cate lists action items people can do to commemorate her life and fight to get her justice. Taylor was supposed to turn 27 on June 5, 2020. Action #4 is sending a birthday card/letter/postcard to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, demanding that he lay charges against the officers who killed Breonna.

People can complete as many actions on the list as they can. One of the main goals of this initiative is to get more publicity around Breonna Taylor's murder. People should share coverage, say her name, and spread her story: bit.ly/BirthdayForBreonna

Birthday and Postcards sent for Breonna

Young is also the creator of BattyMamzelle, which is a feminist pop culture blog where she writes about film, music, television, and critical commentary on media representation. Her work focuses particularly with the intersection of race, gender and sexuality, and introducing an intersectional analysis to discussions of pop culture. Young’s primary critical concerns are pop culture, its wider influence, and its power to influence social attitudes.

Cate Young (above)

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