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Black Lives by Carol Wang

My painting represents the harsh reality that many black people face in America. Black children often need to be taught survival skills to live in America, that white children do not. Black children cannot have the same behaviors as others do, like wearing hoodies, and they need to be overly cautious about their interactions with police officers. Common actions, like putting their hands in their pockets can end up killing a black person by racial biases that tell the police or white people that they have a weapon in their pockets. These racist stereotypes seriously threaten the lives of black people in America, which should not be the case. Different races should be celebrated for their contributions to the world.

In my opinion, the Black Lives Matter movement is very meaningful. It opens up a crucial space for black people to express their thoughts and share their experiences with the world. They should not be silenced. I was shocked by the violence instigated by the police at some of the protests, and it is terrible that looters have taken advantage of the movement and disturbed all of the peaceful protesters. However, the actual protesters just want to peacefully spread their message, and their good intentions should not be overshadowed by others who are not actually protesting.

The movement has also given a lot of non-black people a chance to reflect on their beliefs and biases. Personally, I reflected on some of my biased thoughts about being careful when walking past a black neighborhood. Many of these thoughts have been perpetuated by society and different groups for generations, which needs to change. Change is difficult, but it is better to be justice to everyone in the world. We are all human beings. Everyone deserved to be treated fairly.

I hope my art can help give a voice to black experiences in America, and I hope that everyone treats the people around them fairly, regardless of their gender, color, sexuality, or beliefs.

-Carol Wang

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