• carolzhaoxiawang


Human life is filled with obstacles. Tragedies and victories occur in everyone's life. We have the power to change pessimistic events into optimistic memories through our own narrative.

There are people who are physical or mentally disabled either from birth or by chance. After an accident with serious injuries, some people can feel isolated and unhappy. Art is an outlet in which people who are disabled can express their emotions in a healthy manner.

Many of those with disabilities communicate with others and express themselves through art; people can put down their thoughts, emotions, beliefs, dreams, and any parts of their life into a piece of artwork. People without arms can draw or paint with their foot or mouth. People without legs can create art with their hands. People who are blind can make sculptures.

In my drawing, I drew a person who closed her or his eyes to feel the art. A blindfold is placed on top of the eyes to demonstrate everyone can create art. Their physical limitations do not matter. People can create art when they lose their sight. In this piece, the artist does not use her hands to paint; instead, the artist uses the mouth to hold the brush and paint. The colors of the paint represent creativity. Everything can be created with art. The ability to make art comes from people's minds. Race, gender, and disabilities do not affect someone's ability to create art. Everyone can be creative and find ways to express themselves. The most beautiful thing about art is that anything can be art and everyone can create art.

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