• Ella Lukowiak

"Broken Line": Family Strain Shown Through Nature

Looming fir trees leave shadows reflecting in the water pooling below them. Four different segments and depictions of tree branches reaching towards the middle of the canvas. Each of these images is painted in Seattle Artist Jared Rue’s art show “Broken Line.”

"In Exile" by Jared Rue

However, instead of purely painting scenery from nature, each of Rue’s paintings holds a deeper message within.

On the Woodside/ Braseth Gallery website, the gallery in which his show was displayed, Rue writes,

“Family lineage. Sometimes it gets broken for whatever reason...my family’s lineage is gone because of a somewhat odd, relatively newfangled religion in which my family placed incredulous and excessive credence and importance.”

In each painting, Rue uses nature as symbolism for his family strain. In his piece “In Exile” the scene of fir trees depict his father’s home in Washington, who he hadn’t seen in 14 years at the time of the painting.

Rue’s personal story involves him being a gay man, which was unaccepted in his Mormon household, leading to further splintering.

Rue writes further,

"Rapid Survey" by Jared Rue
“In “Broken Line” I contemplate issues of trust, unconditional love and acceptance...I attempt to distill and understand how and why the line was broken.”




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