Brutal Honesty by White Deer

Large bruises, bloody noses, and swollen lips painted with emotion on a character who has undoubtedly suffered through abuse. Peony Yip’s art, executed with perfection and pure sorrow, forms a collective profile that she labels: Brutal Honesty.

Peony Yip, also known as White Deer, is originally from Hong Kong and holds her art to high expectations. She explains that she is not one to spend her evenings out partying, “I’m a very closed off person, meaning that I don’t like to go out much or drink or smoke or party.”

Instead of going out, Yip creates artwork that highlights movements going on in the modern world. For instance, in the past, she has created pieces on women embracing their inner tiger, drug overdose, etc.

Brutal Honesty is a collection that has many interpretations. Some focus on facial expressions of the artists and scars on their face, noting physical abuse. Other’s focus on the shyness of the character’s nonchalant outlook, as if the character is in hiding.

Yip’s reason for creating this collection is deeper than what her artwork may look at first glance. She creates to emphasize verbal abuse. Though verbal abuse isn’t physically staining, it creates a mental stain. With Yip’s collection title in mind, she details the idea that the truth hurts.

Ultimately, this art collection can be interpreted in many different ways. But, despite how many ways this can be interpreted, there is no question that Yip successfully gives her audience the message that abuse should never be tolerated, whether it be verbal or physical. 

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