• Sofia Ung

How Artists Have Depicted Covid

Closures of art shows have impacted artists on a global scale. But that hasn’t stopped artists from creating their own work at home. Global topics of the virus have inspired the work that artists have been making, some of them including xenophobia and racism.

In the past, pandemic is often not represented in a visual way like art. In this modern era, artists have taken the responsibility to help cope with the situation in expressing their art form. 

One artist interviewed by The Art Newspaper added “...We tend to transfer enmity to other people-outsiders, as seen in racist attacks against Chinese people in Europe.” Another artist, Angela Su describes coronavirus as something“revealing cracks in our social, economic, and political systems.” Minority artists have been trying to support their peers in this stressful and saddening time by collaborating on pieces together. 

However, as many galleries close, the lack of funding for artists has decreased an astronomical amount. This has caused smaller artists to struggle in maintaining their livelihoods.

In this time of limited social contact, art can give people hope for the future and a positive outlook as well as allowing artists to express their opinions.

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