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Mariusz Kedzierski Creates Hyperrealistic Drawings Despite Being Born Without Arms

“There is nothing special in my pencil drawings, except for one thing - I was born without arms.”

23-year-old Polish artist and motivational speaker, Mariusz Kedzierski, has created over 700 works of art within the past seven years.

Kedzierski was most recently recognized during The Global Arts Awards Ceremony, in the 2018, as the Best Global artist in the 'Realism' category and the Best Global Artist all-around winner.

Art made by Mariusz Kedzierski

He preaches the importance of following through with one's goals despite any limitations.

"For me, being a disabled person doesn’t mean that I can’t live my own, great life," said Kedierski. "It doesn’t mean that I have to forget my creative ideas and dreams."

In 2015, Kedierski began a project referred to as "Mariusz Draws" in which he traveled approximately 7,500 miles within a span of 17 days and drew along the way. Based on the street, Kedierski created art in nine different European cities.

Not only does Kedierski's work demonstrate incredible technique, but the raw emotion that is produced in every piece of his art sets it apart from other works of realism.

Kedierski has spent his life doing what he is passionate about and defying any expectations that people held for him. His story is one that inspires everyone to overcome obstacles.

Art made by Mariusz Kedzierski




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