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Michele Pred: Using Pill Art to Highlight Birth Control

Artist and activist Michele Pred takes on a unique way to address birth control issues by using contraceptive pills in her artwork. Her works often feature symbolic designs made up of birth control pills, focusing on the political and social aspects of feminine equality. Other pieces include simple objects lined with the manually attached pills. Pred’s creative medium aims to focus on the inability of many women and teenagers to access contraceptives.

Since 2012, Pred has obtained around 17,000 contraceptives, most of which were collected through social media communications and open donations. One of her well-known exhibitions, “Amendment,” was displayed in 2013 at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery located in New York. As a well-respected feminist and activist, her sculptures and series have been publicly shown in a various other exhibitions and events, such as the Miami Art Week 2017.

Pred’s artworks have been displayed in museums, galleries, and fairs all around the globe. Several of them were shown in London, Stockholm, Bologna, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. Her pieces have additionally been reviewed and featured by major media outlets like the New York Times, WIRED, and FOX.

Michele Pred Untitled (Women’s Symbol) 2013

birth control pills

Michele Pred In our Shoes 2013 Birth control pills

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