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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

"I’m interested in uncovering that binary—that in-between space that you can’t always pinpoint or articulate." ~ Nandipha Mntambo

Europa by Nandipha Mntambo

Artist Profile

  • Nandipha Mntambo was born in 1982 and is native to Mbabane, Swaziland.

  • Mntambo is a South African artist whose work "addresses ongoing debates around traditional gender roles, body politics, and identity", pursuant to Zeitz Mocaa.

  • Her work consists of photography, mixed media, sculptures, and videos. Mntambo's sculptures tend to be molded using her body, from cowhide, to compare ideas of femininity and masculinity, and humans and animals in context to fragments of the human figure.

The Future is Female Exhibition ( November 2016 - June 2017)

Contains works by Nandipha Mntambo (top right), Frances Goodman (bottom right), Michele Pred (top center), Naomi Safran-Hon (top left), and Monica Cook (bottom left)

Curated by Alice Gray Stites, "The Future is Female" exhibition consisted of works principally by female artists that explore intersectional relationships between ancient mythology and modernism along with the signification of femininity. It seeks to promote feminism and ensues hope for a future of gender equality. Nandipha Mntambo's astounding sculpture,"Umfanekiso wesibuko (Mirror Image)", was featured in the exhibition.

Umfanekiso wesibuko by Nandipha Mntambo

The sculpture is a subconscious analogy to beasts that includes two unfinished, female figures kneeling in a quadruped-like pose. It acts as an equivocal metonymy that depicts both female supremacy and the dehumanization and submissiveness of women. Ultimately, the sculpture's vagueness insinuates "that women’s actions are often met with a double meaning" (Goodman, 2017).

“You can tell with them by their grace and poise, they are instead in a kind of dance — the hybridity of the human body, where the human meets the animal.” ~Alice Gray Stites


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