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Native American Fashion: What You Didn't Know

Clothing and fashion is often an integral part of culture. It helps people express who they are and what is important to them. There is also a lot of history behind different cultures’ fashion, one example being Native Americans.

There are a lot of history and symbolic meaning behind traditional Native American clothing. Many times, it is used for religious and cultural ceremonies. There are also many unique details incorporated in Native American clothing. They used resourceful items such as beads, feathers, and fibrous materials.

Furthermore, the actual task of making clothing was extremely important. Many times, decorations and objects on the clothing had a symbolic meaning. They were significant symbols of both stature and power. Family lines and relationships were also important in being shown through clothing. In making them, objects that represented occupations of family and loved ones were used on the clothes.

However, not all fashion was similar. Native American clothing was also used to designate different tribes, clans, and individual ranking. Also varying differently from tribe to tribe, were Native American headdresses. A very small amount of tribes actually wore the large, feathered warbonnets on their heads. People who did wear these were often male chiefs and warriors.

The history of Native American fashion is still extremely prominent today. Many designers still incorporate these traditional elements into their designs presently. One, named Valerie Reynoso, is a visual artist as well as a fashion designer. She has even designed a dress that is hand-beading, using indigenous seed beading techniques.

Another designer, named Jennifer Quezada, also uses more traditional techniques. Her indigenous grandmother has helped her develop her textile manufacturing skills that she uses for current projects. These are just two of the many designers who are of Native American descent and show their roots through their art and fashion.

Cultures play a huge role in fashion today. It is important to know how fashion from many places and parts of the world have had an impact of the current fashion industry.

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