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Paint & Protest

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Enough is Enough. The United States of America is a world powerhouse that countries look up to and people adore, but its history has both honor and shame. However, the darkness of America's history of slavery and "Jim Crow" laws are forgotten at times. Despite the blood, sweat, and tears of the many black individuals, throughout history, that fought for their rights, the Black Lives Matter movement still needs to keep on fighting for these rights of racial justice.

Although racism is no longer present in obvious forms like segregation, racism continues to prey on black people and POC and exists in different ways. Issues like mass incarceration and police brutality are forms of systemic racism that people are often unaware of. A popular response to the ongoing series of protests for black justices is “all lives matter.” In saying this, individuals overlook systemic injustice and disregard the purpose of the movement. The statement can be also be weaponized to silence the voices of the people of the marginalized group, and hinder the possibility of a change.

Enough is Enough. The George Floyd protests and the Black Lives Matter movement signals the end of the people’s patience and trust as well and marks a new era of change for POC. The movement for racial justice and equality has not remained in just the US; it has quickly spread worldwide. Protesters and activists still continue to march down the streets of their countries to demand justice and equality.

In support of the movement and in honor of the innocent lives lost to police brutality, many creatives around the world call for justice by harnessing the power of art. Here are a few of the many out there:

Láolú Senbanjo @laolunyc

"I want my art to help all of us to instigate, remember, imagine, discuss, and express these complex experiences and feeling states. So much is and remains unspoken. This is difficult work, and art is necessary at every stage."

Ashley R. Smith @arswithlove - founder of Young Black Artists -

"From my perspective, I see many artists who may have been hesitant about using their gift as a form of protest finally making a statement with their work. As someone who was always afraid to use my art in this way, I finally felt empowered to do so this week. I believe this is a trend that will continue in the art world."

Brionya J. Matthews @godtaughtartist

Another talent that is featured on Young Black Artists.

Kambui Olujimi @kambuiolujimi

"There’s a popular notion that riots are just spontaneous outbursts of emotion, a visceral response to a single incident, but they are not. These actions are the result of persistent and untenable conditions that are willfully ignored, what I call the ‘silent-state riot’. I wanted to make something that will not allow us to forget this moment, and the countless lives that have led to this."

Michelle Robinson @mister_michelle

"From my heart to yours..."

Monica Ahanonu @monicaahanonu

"This photo says "enough" #georgefloyd"

Kelly Malka @bykellymalka

" ...Right now, the world is not only grieving and ANGRY about the lives that have been taken due to racist police brutality* (*murder), but to the countless dreams and futures that will never be. WE (including myself) need to do better to protect the lives, dreams, and futures of our black communities. This is a movement, not a moment...There is SO MUCH strength in numbers, in action, in support..."



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