• Ella Lukowiak

Protesting Through Color

Instagram artist Adrian Brandon of Brooklyn, New York uses his instagram platform, @ayy.bee, to show his artwork as a means of protest for the Black Lives Matter movement. Brandon has been featured and interviewed by sources such as Variety and Daily Mail for his powerful and impactful pieces of artwork.

In what he calls his "Stolen Series", Brandon illustrates members of the black community who have been “stolen” from life well before their time was up. To further amplify this message, he sketches them in black and white, and spends in minutes the amount of time coloring them in as they lived in years. 

Images of young subjects are especially heartbreaking due to the short span of their lives. D'ettrick Griffin's life was stolen at only 18, and Breonna Taylor's life was taken at only 26. 

Amplifying his voice and the movement, Brandon takes the time to not only illustrate these souls in a powerful way, but write about their stories as well. In the caption of every post, he talks about how the person drawn was taken from this world, educating everyone who comes across his work about the horrifying truths that the black community must face every day. 

“It really is a personal and emotional project for me. It captures just how fragile black lives feel in America,” Brandon says.

George Floyd, 46 years old - 46 minutes of color. "How badly he deserves a full portrait - a full life." -Adrian Brandon

References: https://www.instagram.com/ayy.bee/?igshid=1om8vstth10fe

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