#SupportBlackArtists: Featuring Dena Nguyen

Uproars are now seen as common. Police brutality acts have become the norm, and the Black Lives Matter movement has become stronger than ever. 

Grueling actions in the past few weeks have caused uproar in major cities, small cities, and rural areas. The uproar on the streets can only reinforce the awareness raised on social media. Artists of all races, all ages, and all hometowns have banded together to create under the hashtag #blacklivesmatter

Artist, designer, and content creator, Dena Nguyen was working on her 'This Is America’ series, where she focused on raising awareness for the oppression of stereotyping minorities, before hearing about George Floyd’s tragic death. 

After she heard about George Floyd, Nguyen began her part of the #blacklivesmatter movement. Hence, she created her version of a 'George Floyd memorial'. 

"I wanted to create a piece for him to bring awareness to the movement and use my platform to inform others on ways they can help," said Nguyen.

Her piece was created digitally and featured George Floyd with a mask revealing flowers, grace, and beauty. 

"From there, I created a second piece to bring attention to the protests," Nguyen continued, "and from that I shifted my focus to promote and uplift other black artists’ work on my page."

After uploading a total of three creative pieces of her own to support the #blacklivesmatter movement, Nguyen moved onto giving other artists a chance to shine by promoting them on her Instagram page, in a new series under the hashtag #SupportBlackArtists

Nguyen’s new series featured a new, black artist everyday for a week. Nguyen explained that she aimed to showcase the artists’ "unique talents and voices to the world, especially in difficult times like this."

When asked how she chose the artists she featured, Nguyen said:

"I looked for individuals that showed a record of taking initiative to create personal artworks that were not only beautiful, but evoked some feeling and had intent behind them. I made sure to show different art styles that not only I enjoy, but what I thought my audience would like to see too."

Dena Nguyen speaks of how it was her responsibility to highlight minority artists, considering the circumstances and lifestyles that we are all living in. 

"The world has too much negativity and hatred as it is" said Nguyen, "so I wanted to do my part to play a positive role and uplift other underrated artists that don’t receive as much recognition as they deserve."

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