• Kevin Luo

Takashi Murakami & Supreme for COVID-19 HELP USA Relief Fund

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and worsen in many areas around the globe, efforts have been taken by numerous artists and companies to aid those that are in need; one such example includes a collocation T-shirt between well-known Japanese contemporary artists Takashi Murakami and the skateboarding shop Supreme New York.

Image via Supreme/Takashi Murakami

The Collaboration includes an iconic Supreme Box Logo Tee combined with Murakami's unmistakable flower-motif pattern. Other than that, the shirt is primarily white with the addition of "COVID-19 Relief Fund 2020" printed on to the backside of the Tee. Ths shirt released on April 25, 2020, for $60 each, and it was reported by both sides that the revenue will be donated 100% to HELP USA, a non-profit organization started in New York City and have since expanded nationwide.

The shirt quickly sold out upon release and had been reselling on platforms such as StockX and grailed for as high as over $1500; in fact, according to StockX's listings, there had been over 900 sales on the day of release with an average price of over $700. Currently, as of May, the price is still above $600 on average for size S to size XL. With some simple math, people had spent over $600,000 in a day for a shirt on StockX alone, more sales had been reported through grailed and eBay. Such numbers are concerning as a shirt meant for charity purposes for COVID-19 relief is being resold for ten times the original price.

But there is no need to worry as StockX had stated on April 24, the day of release, that they are also donating the money earned from the collab, saying "StockX is following their lead". A similar statement by grailed also indicated that all money earned will be "donated directly back to HELP USA ".

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