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The Beauty of Islamic and Arab Art Displayed in New York

The prevalence of Islamaphobia is dangerously prevalent across the globe due to the negative stereotyping of a vast and diverse community, perpetuating hostility and fear towards muslims. Though it has existed for a while, the events of the 9/11 attack furthered this hatred even more.

Exhibition 1, Monir Farmanfaraian

An art museum known as, “The Institute of Arab and Islamic Art” located in Manhattan, New York, is a non-profit that aims to promote the art and culture of the Islamic world, and to counter Islamaphobia. Through their education programs, exhibition, and art displays, their institute hopes to “provide a convivial, welcoming environment for the international community to learn about and engage with an often over-simplified culture.”.

Art Exhibitions in the Institute of Arab and Islamic Art


“Our main objective is to challenge stereotypes if people have them and engage them on Islamic civilization beyond the religious context,” Al-Thani, the founder states. “We are hopeful and will do everything in our capacity to see our culture is represented and open up a cross-cultural dialogue with New York City.”


Exhibit 1: Themes of Geometric Design and Islamic Architecture

Exhibit 1 Installation View

Saudi Arabian artist Dana Awartani, creates a simple mandala-like effect with her use of patterns and symmetry, and has flower motifs throughout a lot of her work.

Monir Farmanfaraian uses both traditional Iranian art and modern abstraction.

This exhibit uses “sacred geometry,” as a theme, which has been part of Islamic tradition thousands of years ago as a universal language, uniting divided communities.


Through its exhibits of traditional and contemporary forms of Islamic art, the institute hopes to create cross-cultural dialogue by bringing together anyone with an appreciation for beauty and art. Their displays are breaking barriers in Manhattan, New York, and will continue to do so for a long time.







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