The Necessities for Acrylic Painting

  • There are a few materials and tools that you need if you want to begin experimenting with acrylic painting. You don't need a lot to create a piece of art, but these are some of my favorites that may lead you in the right direction!

Acrylic Paint:

You obviously need some acrylic paint, and I use the Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint Set of 48. There is a variety of colors, and you can also buy big tubes of paints that you need more of.

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For brushes, I do not really have a preference for any brand. However, you definitely need to switch your brushes every few months because the bristles will get stiff or fall off.

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Palette Paper:

Some people prefer actual palettes because they are reusable, but I use palette paper. Palette paper is disposable, which may save you time if you do not like the clean up.

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Water Container:

You need some type of container to hold your water that you use to "rinse" your brushes during painting. I just use a soup container that you can get from a take out place.

Paper Towels: I fold a sheet of a paper towel in half and place it under my water container, so I can slightly dry my brushes after I "rinse" my brushes. Some of your paint will also transfer to the paper towel, so the color will not transfer to the canvas.


There are many different sizes of canvases, and many brands. Once again, I do not really have a preference for a certain type of canvas. I recommend just choosing the right size you want to paint your piece on.


I recommend buying an easel, so you can place your canvas on it. I have a metal easel that's easy to fold, but there are also multi-purpose easels that can fold into a storage box for your materials.

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Sketch Book:

You should definitely buy a sketchbook to sketch out any ideas or document any notes or images that inspire you. It is a great way to practice and outline your painting before you actually start painting.

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  • These are the basic materials that you need to start acrylic painting, and I hope they help you on your new journey!

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