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The Surreal yet Familiar - Brooke Didonato's Photography

Brooke Didonato - Artist Profile

• Brooke Didonato is a visual artist born in Ohio and based in New York.

• Her photography explores “the complexity of human perception and what happens when psychological anomalies manifest in reality.” 

• Her website: http://www.brookedidonato.com

Her Background in Journalism

"It(Journalism) taught me that pictures could tell stories. It sounds obvious, but I had never really thought about it in that way. Prior to college, photography was something reflexive that I did purely to capture and preserve. I had never thought about it as a narrative tool." - Brooke Didonato (Source: Patzer)

Glimpses into Didonato's Process

"With my personal work I usually start with a location or prop. From there, I don't plan much. So there is a level of spontaneity when it comes to how the subject is depicted in the final image."(Source: Patzer)

"A lot of my work acts as an open storyline for the viewer..."(Source: Patzer)

Symbols used in photographs

No Faces "When you take away faces, the person in the picture becomes more of a character and it forces people to look at other aspects of the photograph to find the storyline. That was interesting to me so I stuck with it, even as I started working with new subjects." - Brooke Didonato (Source: Patzer)


"Flowers can symbolize an array of meanings- love, mourning, purity- the list goes on. They change with context and I like finding new ways to incorporate them."(Source: Patzer)

Woman hiding behind potted plants in a living room/stashed below a sofa cushion

"They question notions of femininity as well as the antiquated concept of "female hysteria", a diagnosis historically given to women who struggled to align themselves with social conventions. "(Source: Patzer)

On different layers

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