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The Tension of Space- Loribelle Spirovski’s daring portraits

Top Row (Left to Right) Bacchanal, Homme 31, Homme 29

Bottom Row (Left to Right)

Artist Profile

  • Loribelle Spirovski is a visual artist specializing in the medium of paint.

  • She was born in Manila to a Filipino mother and Yugoslav father but is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

  • Her body of work embodies “constantly trying to find myself within the space of a canvas, even if it is through the portrait of another, or the portrait of someone that exists only in my imagination. These indirect self-portraits are distillations of my identity as a young woman, with all of my fixations, obsessions and anxieties.” (Source: Spirovski)

  • Her Website : https://www.loribellespirovski.com

A Glimpse into her process

“artistic creation has always been my escape and fortitude against the personal challenges I experienced as a migrant, adapting to life in Australia – a vast land drenched in colour, and the murmurings of something primordial.” (Source: Bluethumb)

“My practice is an attempt to externalise internal conflict, creating a juxtaposition of movement and stillness that forms an unsettling effect, evoking a surreal and dreamlike quality.” (Source: Bluethumb)

The Tension of Space

“I’m very intrigued by spaces and how they can affect and shape its occupants”.

Spirovski describes her fixation of space as having stemmed from her childhood as an immigrant. She gravitated towards empty spaces like the ones between the couch or underneath a bed, revealing her sensitivity towards her surroundings. Her works became a reflection of her emotions within particular spaces.

“Over the past few years, I have found that I have become more and more drawn to the tension of a space – the need to fill it, the need to understand its strange sentience.”

(Source: Spirovski)

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