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Zach Lieberman Artist Profile

A digital art crusader, Zach Lieberman seeks to make code and digital art a form of poetry. From monochromatic sinuous waves to distorted human faces, he strives to continuously surprise his fans. Lieberman has a B.A. is Fine Arts from Hunter College and a B.F.A and M.F.A in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design.

In an interview, Lieberman explains how he is, “really passionate about motion and how movement and animations can create an emotional response.” He creates exhibitions that distorts human gestures and emotions, creating an ephemeral beauty that transforms physical people into music and makes still life come to life. Conceptually, he sticks to simple concepts and patterns, namely geometry. As he explains it “What happens if you start with a circle and then you rotate it, and you extrude it and you revolve it? It’s almost like using geometry as a starting point and glitching or changing through things.” Through such conceptual thinking, he successfully allows code to express poetry and evoke emotions. Moreover, he takes the creative process with serenity and ease. Rather than create something entirely new every day, he continuously modifies his precious creations while always asking how he can improve or modify them to create something new. Beyond art, Lieberman has co-founded openFrameworks, an open source C++ toolkit for coding that helps beginners explore the endless possibilities of code. For his work, he has amassed countless awards such as the 2020 top “100 Most Creative People in Business” from Fast Company and became a nominee for Artist of the Year from WIRED Magazine. He hopes to inspire new emerging artists and expose them to the beautiful art form that is code.

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